Steve White
Fire Dispatcher (Ret.)/NYC FD Artist
6 Genesee Ave
Staten Island, N.Y. 10308
(718) 317-5025
Web page -

Various art prints available from my original paintings:

1954 Ward La France11 x 14"$13.00
NYC FD Engine 1511 x 14"$13.00
NYC FD Engine 25211 x 14"$13.00
Dashing to the Fire12 x 16"$15.00
Penny and her Pups16 x 20"$20.00
Firefighter (Marine 9)16 x 20"$20.00
On the Roof16 x 20"$20.00
NYC FD Ladder 79/BC 2216 x 20"$20.00
NYC FD Ladder 16316 x 20"$20.00
In Memory Of16 x 20"$19.00
Long Island Volley16 X 20"$20.00
Portland, Maine Lighthouse16 x 20"$20.00
Gov. Smith (Marine 6)16 x 20"$20.00
NYC FD Emerald Society Drummer    16 x 20"$20.00
Fireboat Harvey16 x 20"$20.00
The McKean (Marine 1)16 x 20"$20.00
Engine 249 (Nozzle Team)16 x 20"$20.00
Engine 289 (Corona Tigers)16 x 20"$20.00
Ladder 516 x 20"$20.00
Ladder 1016 x 20"$20.00
Ladder 114 (Tally Ho)16 x 20"$20.00
Squad Company 116 x 20"$20.00
Rescue 516 x 20"$20.00
Christmas at Rockefeller Center16 x 20"$20.00
Santa at Ladder 7916 x 20"$20.00
With Old Glory16 x 20"$20.00
Hanging Old Glory16 x 20"$20.00
Saluting Old Glory16 x 20"$20.00
Walking With Old Glory16 x 20"$20.00
A Silent Moment16 x 20"$20.00

Please add $3.00 postage & handling for prints.

Plus original NYC FD Communications Patches for the following NYC Boroughs:
Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, and Bronx (skull design) or
Bronx (subway design), NYC FD Fire Dispatcher Patch (fire pull box with torch.

Also offering the following patches:
NYC Fire Patrol 3 (Centennial) NYC FD Ladder 34
Philadelphia 125th Anniversary NYC FD Engine 84
NYC Fire Patrol 3 (Yosemite Sam design) NYC FD Ladder 120

All patches are $5.95 each. plus $1.00 postage & handling.

NYC FD Fire Dispatcher T-shirts (fire box design on front & on back in block letters
NYC FD Communications). Navy blue color. Sizes: Med, Large, X-Large, cost $14.95,
XXL and XXXL cost $16.95. Please add $3.95 for postage & handling.
Part of the proceeds go to the Frank Geib Scholarship fund.

Photographs: NYC FD apparatus, NYC FD firehouses, NYC FD Communications offices, and
NYC FD fireboats. Photos are 4 x 6" and cost $1.00 each plus postage handling as indicated in the chart below. List is available upon request.

1 - 10 Photos: Postage & Handling $1.00
11 - 20 Photos: Postage & Handling $2.00
21 - 30 Photos: Postage & Handling $3.00

In addition, I also design company logos, patches and fire dept. rigs and will be available for
commissioned art work.

Please send check or money order to the above address. Thank you.

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